OUR VISION is to intentionally develop young students into committed followers of Christ and see God transform their lives into fruit-bearing Christians. We create environments where students can grow their faith and express their love for Jesus through prayer, worship, fellowship, service and reaching out to their community and world. We seek to help each middle school and high school student be a part of culture where (s)he can feel comfortable inviting friends to experience both church and faith. Middle school and high school years are an influential time of life, and we want to play a role in helping students find their true identity in Christ.

Our Student Ministry seeks to partner with parents of 6th-12th grade students to assist them with the spiritual health and growth of their teens, sharing with them the Gospel and equipping them to fulfill the Great Commission.

Our desire is to advance the Kingdom of God by reaching students and their families, growing students in the Word of God by teaching them the Bible, equipping them to serve the church and the community, and fulfilling the Great Commission by sending them out as disciples of their neighborhoods and of the nations. We wish to encourage and empower teens to experience Jesus in their lives right now.

We believe teens love to have fun, and what better place to have fun than at church, with other students who love the Lord? Our philosophy of ministry, therefore, is a hybrid approach that includes creative and fun activities that encourage fellowship, joy, fun and laughter coupled with the rich teaching of the God’s Word.

In addition weekend worship opportunities, summer camps, mission trips and special activities, we offer two special student gatherings on campus each week…

BIG LIFE. The first of these weekly gatherings happens on Sunday evenings from 5:30 to 7:30. Students start with a  snack supper and time of fellowship, followed by any number of games, activities and stuff that promotes fun and fellowship and closer relationships with each others as brothers and sisters in Christ. Each gathering on Sunday also includes a Bible study and time of worship and singing. This is a great opportunity to bring friends and introduce others to Christ in a safe, enjoyable, fun-filled, Christ-centered place.

EVOLVE. Our mid-week student connection meets on Wednesday nights from 6:30 to 8:00. Evolve means to “develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form...to advance or make progress.” On Wednesdays, that is just what we seek to do...study the same Bible passages that our senior pastor has preached the previous Sunday, going deeper in the Word, advancing our understanding of the Scriptures, with a breakout time for guys and one for girls...then bringing the entire group together for discussion and dialogue.

Dan Ritchie is our Minister to Students and has been on the Sanctuary staff since 2015. Email Dan at dan@scf.church.