There are groups for adults and students. Our student ministry small groups meet on Wednesdays from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Our adult groups meeting on various nights and in various locations. Each group is led by a mature, loving man, woman, or couple. For more information, you may sign up online here or register in the Colorado Room any Sunday morning. You may also call the church office or email Dan Ritchie at dan@scf.church, our Minister to Small Groups.


When do Small Groups meet?

Our small groups meet throughout the week (Sunday through Saturday) all over the greater Denver Metro area, from Englewood, to Highlands Ranch, to Aurora, to Lone Tree to Centennial, to Cherry Hills and Denver and beyond!

Can anyone come to a Small Group? Do you have to sign up?

Small Groups are open to anyone at anytime. There is no cost to join, there are no materials to buy, and you don't have to RSVP. Visitors are welcome and expected, so drop in on any group in which you may be interested.

What should I expect to study in a Small Group?

Each message is designed to lift from the Scriptures the original meaning and make life application of those truths derived from that text. Small groups then take that message/text from Pastor David’s sermon and do further study, going deeper in the text, asking key/critical questions to further explore that portion of Scripture, and apply
each truth to daily living...for encouragement, direction and growth!


Small Groups Summary

First, our groups must cherish truth and sound doctrine such that our teaching is leading minds to change from earthly to heavenly focus. Second, that truth must lead to corresponding life change, from earthly traits to heavenly ones, and this change can be fostered through relational discipleship. Third, the changed life finds its expression by being part of a community that practices love, Christ-centered encouragement,
and service to others. 

Finally, our experience with small groups is this: you are not likely to stay at Sanctuary for the long term if you are not engaged on a continual basis in a small group. It is that important. It is all about connection: connecting with the people of God around the Word of God.

For more information about our awesome small groups, contact Dan at dan@scf.church.