Michelle Burcham

Children's Ministry

Hometown: Denver, CO (I’m a native!)

Educational Background: Masters in Burcham Household Studies: ‘96-Present, E.C.E Director, Preschool Educator

Interests/Passions: I am passionate about my faith, my family, and finding new ways to make learning exciting!  If I’m not working on some sort of home improvement project, you will probably find me hiking, biking, camping, or dancing in the kitchen with my kids.

My Bible Hero: Growing up in a Jewish home, I learned the story of Esther. I loved to dress like her and pretend that I was that brave; that I could put aside my own fears to save the Jewish nation.  To risk it all, and trust in God with all that you are, is what I strive for each and everyday.  

Social Media: @elleb_15