Kat Cash


Hometown: Castle Pines, CO

Educational Background: Mountain Vista High School '16; currently studying at Colorado Christian University in pursuit of a double-major in youth ministry and special education.

Interests/Passions: Faith (Ezekiel 11:19-20), Family (of 8, including our dog Marley, of course), Food (Chick Fil A), Football (Go Broncos!) , and “Friends" the T.V. show. All you could ever need.

My Bible Hero: Job. After losing his land, wealth, family, and even his good health, literally everything he had worked for his entire life, Job's first reaction was to praise and worship the Lord that gives and takes away (Job 1:20-22). I pray and strive for a faith that is steadfast and unchanged by the ups and downs of this world. That I can be encouraged by the uncertainty of this world because of a God that remains constant and good through it all. Our God is real and working in and through this church! I feel so excited and blessed to be a part of it! 

Social Media: @katcash